How does it work?

Portuss - что это такое?

И как это работает?
Для арендаторов
Car research

When you are looking for a car to rent, study the announcement in detail: read the reviews, carefully review the photo of the car for damage. Pay attention to the status of "Checked by Portuss". Our employees check the reliability of the mobile phone and communication with social networks. Documents on the car make their way through the base in order to make sure that the car is not hijacked.

Communication and payment

Make payment and communication exclusively with the help of Portuss. If these operations take place outside of our site, it will be difficult for us to protect you from fraud and provide a security guarantee. The owner of the car receives money 24 hours after your meeting. After the booking, communicate with the owner using the built-in chat. Discuss all the nuances that may be, and the rules of handling a car.

Acquaintance and the start of the way

При встречи с владельцем автомобиля, обсудите все интересующие вас вопросы по поводу машины и местности где вы будете ездить. Внимательно просмотрите автомобиль, если будут какие-то внешние и внутренние повреждения, укажите на это владельцу. Перед приездом в чужую страну или город рекомендуем изучить местные нюансы дорожного движения.

Force Majeure

If the owner of the car doesn't come to the meeting or cancel the reservation, you receive your full funds within 3 days.

For car owners

Check the tenant information on the Portuss website: reviews, ratings and status of "Tested by Portuss".


Во время встречи с арендатором, вы имеете право отменить бронь и отказаться сдавать машину в аренду.


Check the availability of documents (passport and driver's license). Also, you have the right to take a photo of these documents for additional insurance.