How does it work?

Portuss - что это такое?

И как это работает?
How to rent
1. Sign up and create an ad. While creating an ad, you will go through five steps.
Step1. Characteristics

Технические характеристики автомобиля, и примерное месторасположение. Чем больше вы информации укажите,тем легче будет найти ваше объявление.

Step2. Car photos

Don't forget, the better the picture, the faster you can rent the car!

Step3. Description

Опишите все нюансы и пожелания касательно вашего автомобиля. Например: привезти автомобиль помытым, не курить в салоне, не возить домашних питомцев, и т.д

Step4. price and terms

Here you specify the cost of rent per day, and from what time period do you want to rent. You will be offered the recommended rental price due to the characteristics of the car.

Step5. Documents

Here you provide a photograph of the technical passport. This information will be confidential and accessible only to the employees of Portuss.

2. Booking your ad. Preparing the car for rent.

After you publish your ad, it will be available for search for tenants.


If someone decides to book your car, you will receive an notification. If you approve the reservation, we recommend you to contact the tenant in a chat room.

Preparing the car

Подготовьте свой автомобиль к аренде, чтобы оставить хорошие впечатления. Перед сдачей автомобиля в долгосрочную аренду желательно сделать его диагностику!


All payments go through our service. With tenants, the entire amount of the reservation is withdrawn immediately after confirmation of the car owner.

Withdrawal of funds

After creating an ad, you get an internal account, where your earned money will be stored from the rental of transport. The balance of your funds will be shown in your account, on the same page there is a button "Withdrawals". After clicking on the "withdrawal of funds" button you specify the amount, your details (Visa / Mastercard / Webmoney). Within a day, the money will go to these details. Money from the lease comes to your internal account 24 hours after the meeting with the tenant, if the lease period is more than a day. If the rent is hourly, then the money will be credited to your account at the end of it.


Start renting your car.